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australian artist Anthony White

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"I try and use the internet to overcome the lack of local exhibiting opportunities. When I sell a painting I always write my web address on the back. This is not really artistic but it is good marketing."
Anthony White

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Anthony White - Artist Information


I started painting and exhibiting my work about 15 years ago before I became a stockbroker. Being dedicated to my art generally kept me quite poor. I worked part time to support my art habit. During this time I was also trading shares which I was quite good at. Unfortunately I never had big funds behind me so I was only making a lot of small wins. When I started working for Credit Suisse First Boston I was well and truly over being the poor artist. During the last 6 years that I worked as a stockbroker I was able to acquire some property and more shares. I left stockbroking in February to go back to art. I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

For inspiration I tend to think of Jeff Koons who was a commodities trader which is similar but different to stockbroking.

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