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Pakistani Artist - Moin Shah Moin H. Shah
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"Have confidence in your self first then in your work and you will succeed."
Moin H. Shah

Moin Shah - Artist from Pakistan Artist Biography - Moin Shah

Moin Shah - Contemporary Painter from Pakistan

Artist Statement

I Love every bit of art work that I do and am happy in it as each painting elevates the other. The best compliment I get is when these are accepted and appreciated and are a positive addition to this world.

Over the years I have developed my personal and unique style. My work has unususal color selections creating figurative and other art forms giving my paintings a unique touch and aura much liked. I find expressing myself in the expressionist style very meaningful.

I am self-taught. In 1997 I started painting in this style. I haven't consciously or unconsciously adopted the style of any other artist .. this gives my work a freshness, which is appreciated by collectors of my paintings.

My medium is acrylic and I have my own mixing and application techniques to enrich and produce multi layers and a sense of depth or a 3-D effect. I normally use paper but also like to paint on canvas or other material. I find that I am at my best when there is music in the air.