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contemporary american artist Gabriel Shaffer

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"Everytime an artist finishes a work they care for, evil loses a small piece of its power. We live in a lost time, so it is every artists responsibility to contribute their own piece to the light, that will hopefully someday dawn upon the human race."
Gabriel Shaffer

Visionary Art - Raw Paintings American Visionary Art - Raw Paintings

Comic Book Ninja Painting
He Knows You Painting
White Flame, White Flame Painting
Comic Book Ninja
He Knows You
White Flame, White Flame
100605-3 Painting
All For Her Painting
DSCN1728 Painting
All For Her
Sold 1402 Painting
If You Only Knew Painting
Mutiny on Wood Painting
Sold 1402
If You Only Knew
Mutiny on Wood

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