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contemporary american artist Gabriel Shaffer

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"I have had various extreme experiences and visions throughout my life, that have shaped and motivated quite a bit of the reasoning behind my work. I suppose one of the major motivators for me comes from the opinion that mankind is on the verge of a conspired apocalyptic reckoning."
Gabriel Shaffer

American expressionist artist American Visionary Artist

Gabriel Shaffer

Gabriel Shaffer - Artist Information


Artist Biography
Gabriel Shaffer is a young, up and coming, southern self-taught / visionary artist, who lives and works in Asheville, NC.

His complex work is often classified in the outsiderart genre, but contains many elements of graffiti writing, collage and comic book/cartoon illustration.

Gabriel's unique art is driven by a manic obsession with the relationships between sound, symbol and image, as they are literally layer upon layer of graffiti, free association, collage and various medias, salvaged from assorted locations (abandoned hospitals, factories houses, dumpsters, etc.) which create a circuit board of color, texture and information, used to form haunting characters and communicate strange narratives from his own personal mythology.

Gabriel's characters consist of old legends, angels, protectors, tribal totems, dolls, puppets, flying houses, iconography, shapeshifters, ghosts, aliens, animals and any other bizarre form of creature or landscape his mind can conjure.

Gabriel is a solitary artist, who lives between planes, using the power of storytelling, to explore his inner worlds and simultaneously exorcise himself from the "madness of humanity". He has no other option than to "create to cope", as it is his belief makind is living in an "apocalyptic age".


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