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My latest paintings are mainly inspired by my daily activities. In a rainy day, I paint a woman with an umbrella. If I'm not in the mood to do anything, I paint a woman sitting and thinking. I am just representing my emotions through the paintings."
Gizem Saka

Contemporary Turkish Painter Contemporary Turkish Painter

woman with apple - contemporary turkish painting
woman with flowers - contemporary turkish painting
I'm Tired (YORGUNUM) - turkish painting
woman with apple
woman with flowers
i'm tired
Woman with Handfan (YELPAZELI KADIN) - contemporary turkish painting
Umbrella (SEMSIYE) - contemporary turkish painting
Woman Playing the Guitar (GITAR CALAN KADIN)
woman with fan
woman playing the guitar
Woman Smelling Coffee (KAHVE KOKLAYAN KADIN)
Woman Reading a Book (KITAP OKUYAN KADIN)
Man with a Pot of Lemons (LIMON SEPETI TASIYAN ADAM)
woman smelling coffee
woman reading book
man with lemons

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