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Everything else is restrictive and imprisoning, while painting is like nice clean air so that you can breathe freely."
Gizem Saka

Contemporary Turkish Painter Contemporary Turkish Painter

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Gizem was born in Istanbul, Turkey in in 1978.
Between 1995-99 Gizem worked in artist studios in Istanbul, working with sculpture and drawing.
In 1999 she moved to New York to start graduate school in economics.
She is currently living and painting in New York, USA.

Artists Statement - Gizem Saka
My art is about experimenting with shapes and colors. I see art as an expression of feelings but more importantly as a domain for freedom. Painting has given me the felixibility to expand in all directions: expanding along the surface of the canvas vertically and horizontally and then going deep into the painting, which completes the idea of space and movement in that space. It's vast.

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