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I approach painting with random intentions to give a sense of natural order.. its integral to my process, as well as my intentions. I attempt to find meaning through separating myself from my thoughts and then following them through with my actions."
Jesse Reno

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Jesse Reno - Artist Information

Jesse Reno lives and works in his home studio in Portland, Oregon.

He was born, 1974 in teaneck, NJ United States of America

Artists Statement
My art is a product of pure necessity... With no formal education i draw my inspiration from the primitive ancient cultures of Africa and South America, as well as modern pop culture. Creating a primitive future full of expression
and raw vision...

My style and technique is made up of quick expressed lines, smears of
vibrant colors, and layer after layer of changing ideas and shapes.

I identify myself and my work most closely with the outsider art brut movements...

The Outsider art, art Brut movement: began with people looking outside to other cultures for inspiration "the common bond is the identification of a common enemy that force which feeds on blind obedience, fidelity to stereotypes, the denial of spontaneity, the repression of individualism and experimentation." - Roger Cardinal.

Outsider art is considered by its proponents to be the contemporary antidote to our over industrialized, complicated, stressful, and uncertain lives. it is probably best described as a new kind of primitivism, i seek naive art as a purer form of creation and expression...

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