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British figurative painter / artist  - Emily Patrick
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Figurative British Artist - Painter Emily Patrick
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The subject has shown me a beautiful, interesting or magical property which I want to show to other people."
Emily Patrick

Paintings by Emily Patrick Paintings by Emily Patrick

Flower Painting - June Roses - Emily Patrick
Portrait Painting - Self with drawing board - Emily Patrick
Still Life - Bluebells and Andre Gide - Emily Patrick
June Roses
Self with Drawing Board
Bluebells and Andre Gide
Interior painting - Chair and Laundry - Emily Patrick
Still Life painting - Inside and Outside - Emily Patrick
still life painting - Chocolate Digestives and Hare - Emily Patrick
Chair and Laundry
Inside and Outside
Chocolate Digestives and Hare
still life painting - Leaves and Two Peaches - Emily Patrick
Portrait Painting - Beatrice - Emily Patrick
still life painting - Vollard Book and Soap - Emily Patrick
Leaves and Two Peaches
Vollard Book and Soap

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