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self taught american painter Kelly Moore

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"I have been painting the devil alot lately because sin has been all over me once I decided I needed the money for that mobile home. I have done some awful things trying to get that downpayment together."
Kelly Moore

american expressionist painter American Expressionist Painter

Artist Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore - Artist Information

Artist's Statement / Bio
these are my words

eye was born a black crow

on the 13th day of a scorpio moon in the foothills

of the arkansas ozark mountains

to my scottish irish parents dismay...

they took me in nonetheless, fed me, clothed me, sent me to schools and
tried to domesticate me...

eye attempted to live a normal life... finding employment,

trying to marry and even voting regularly

but failed mostly and when eye

reached full crow adulthood

realized eye could

no longer deny my coyote nature and immediately began

turning over tables and rattling the cages


immediately said eye was crazy and lots complained eye should stop

what eye was doin

(those is the folks that let you know you is doing something rite)

eye knew this was an

important breakthrough and immediately started looking

for matches and kerosine


have been settin fires ever since

thank you for reading my word.

Kelly Moore

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