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"My work is how I process and deal with emotion. What I am feeling is what I paint. I paint in a meditative state which explains the introspective demeanor of many of my figures."
Cyn McCurry

American Artist - Cyn McCurry Figurative American Artist - Cyn McCurry

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Artist Statement - Cyn McCurry

.....Becoming a Painter seems to have happened to me without conscious intent. It was a natural, primal response to my world. Creating pictures was an act that I could not avoid, rather than an activity that I chose to pursue. Art became a compulsive obsession that I just couldn't break. Painting sustains me like air, bread and love.

My style and technique have been a natural evolution. I have intentionally avoided formal training, immersing myself in a life long love affair with the great masters of our past. My work is intimate and personal, devoid of the much loved "Theory" of our age. I attempt to produce pure spontaneous images. I honor the beauty of our emotion saturated flesh.......I paint as I feel...... with a total disregard and disrespect for the Modern Art fashions and trends of our sadly beauty starved age.

It is my voice .

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Biographical Information - Cyn McCurry

Cyn works intuitively. She approaches her canvas without preconceptions, allowing the image to emerge and evolve spontaneously. Winding together the strands of emotion and experience into her luminous canvases.

Cyn is a completely self-educated artist, she has passionately painted and drawn from a very young age, selling her first canvases and receiving her first commissions at the age of 11. She has adopted classic techniques as her own, deftly telling the tale of a modern woman in the dialect of another time.

Cyn was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. She has traveled extensively in the U.S. and Abroad. Cyn currently lives and paints close to her home town with her husband and her five children.

Cyn's paintings, commissioned portraits and murals hang in private collections nationwide. She is currently represented by Hensley Gallery Southwest, Taos- New Mexico; Zwolf Gallery, Denver Co.; Edmund Craig Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas.

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Cyn McCurry


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