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australian artist Caroline Magerl

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"It has connected me to myself and other people. I paint because I touch life in this way.. it gives me a place in the world."
Caroline Magerl

australian artist Contemporary Australian Artist and Illustrator

Caroline Magerl

Caroline Magerl - Artist Information

Artist Quote
"I have always made images and expressed myself visually, but had no conscious intention of becoming a painter. Then in my early Thirties, I visited a gallery and was angry with myself for the next three weeks. I eventually realized that I would have to paint. I was scared to, because it requires honesty, a loss of control to some degree, and no doubt criticism from within and without."

The Artist
Her oils often depict people but it would be wrong to simply describe Magerl as a portrait artist. She is more a painter of feelings the fact that there is a person in the picture is not exactly accidental but rather than being obsessed with line and shape. Magerl seems much more concerned with getting the mood right. The result is truly a picture from the heart as well as a window in to her private and public worlds

These days Magerl's outer world is a house in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, a few minutes drive out of Eumundi. She and her family moved there several years ago in response to a need to get out of the tightness of suburbia and to follow a dream to live a more unfettered life with chooks, a dog and a rural view from the front deck. The move was one factor that has affected the content and mood of Magerl's paintings over the past five years.

By Sandra McLean


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