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art quotes and olga konoschuk
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I almost never have to search for something new to provide a creative push. Usually the necessary inspiration finds me."
Olga Konoschuk

expressionist ukrainian painter Ukrainian Expressionist Painter

Expressionist Ukrainian painter, Olga Konoschuk

Olga Konoschuk - June 2004

1 ::: Why are you an artist Olga?

Because I can't be passive about the colours and shapes around me, they disturb me. I feel like I need to analyse combinations of colours and shapes and to transform these specific feelings onto canvas. I feel like I am a filter between nature and canvas.

+2 ::: Could you tell me some more about your art?

My art is firstly colour orientated and secondly shape and motif orientated. I form a mental ‘fluid interpretation’ of the subject or association I wish to interpret. I firstly use my palette to generate the colour harmonies I feel. I then use combinations of these colours on the canvas to create my mental interpretation. If the subject of the painting is figurative, the colours form shapes, but if the subject is non-figurative or abstract the colours create my feelings on canvas. Colour is the most important ingredient in my paintings, but plasticity of a subject is also important and if the two of them are in harmony the canvas is magic for the eyes

+3 ::: Is the subject of your paintings important to you, or do you just paint because you like painting?

Sometimes I am impressed by purely colour with shape not playing a role, like a sunset for example. I interpret this in an abstract way using my colours. Other times it is an association of colour and shape, such as a sunset in a farmyard environment which may result in a more figurative interpretation using my colours.

+4 ::: What artists have influenced you and why?

I am influenced by Matisse’s vision and use of colour. He began accurately interpreting natures colours many years ago when this was unheard of. I am to this day enthralled by the power of the colour in his paintings.

+5 ::: What do you do for fun (besides art)?

Travelling is my favourite pastime after art. It recharges my artistic batteries, refreshes me and provides many impressions for new paintings.

+6 ::: What inspires you to paint and how do you keep motivated when things get tough in the studio?

Some times is very difficult to continue the process of painting and what I do at first is to go to visit an impressionist exhibition. If I'm in Russia it's the Pushkinskiy museum which has a big and very good collection of impressionist and post-impressionist art. Secondly when I feel tired I start to change paintings that I painted previously.

+7 ::: How have you handled the business side of being an artist?

My father who is a professional designer said to me when I was in art-school that when a real artist creates a painting he is never thinking about money and how much it could be sold for, or about his audience and whether they will like his art or not. So I'm lucky at present that my art makes enough money and I do not need to work somewhere else to support me being an artist.

+8 ::: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Popularity is important for pushing some artists forward, but popularity stops some people growing. I had several up and downs already but was strong enough to remain true to myself. To possess creativity is much stronger for the spirit than growing a career. So in 10 years time I still will be in the process of growing as an artist, because continual movement is necessary for development.

+9 ::: Could you talk about your latest series of paintings and what you are trying to achieve with them?

I have recently conducted a personal art exhibition in Canada, which is continuing at the present time in Regina, Saskatchewan. For several months I specially worked with a series about Canadian themes. It was a first for me to create images from a country where I never had been. When I arrived in Canada I experienced and felt the surroundings at first hand and so when I go back to the empty canvases in my studio I will specially do another Canadian series for myself to captures the feelings I experienced in Canada and to compare these with the series I created before my travel to Canada.

+10 ::: What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?

I worked really hard as a student of the Art Academy, I was totally absorbed with art to the exclusion of all other things. It made me strong and sure of myself and sure about what I create.

My credo is what Stanislavskiy The Great said -'Love the art in yourself and not yourself in art'.

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