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Canadian Artist Robert Genn Robert Genn
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It's important for an artist to be free and wealthy enough to be able to do his or her thing. "
Robert Genn

Canadian Painter - Robert Genn Paintings by Robert Genn

Bright Counterpoint - Robert Genn - Landscape
Melissa - Robert Genn - Portrait of a Girl
Sqamish River Pattern - Robert Genn - Landscape
Bright Counterpoint
Sqamish River Pattern
Northern Village - Robert Genn - Landscape
Evening Reflection  - Robert Genn - Landscape Painting
Low Tide Whaling Station - Robert Genn - Landscape
Northern Village
Evening Reflection
Low Tide Whaling Station
Wood Edge Pattern - Robert Genn - Landscape
October Pattern with Gray - Robert Genn - Landscape Painting
River Passage  - Robert Genn - Landscape
Wood Edge Pattern
October Pattern with Gray
River Passage

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