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art quotes and edwin gardiner
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I like being an artist, because I like to make things, and give these things meaning."
Edwin Gardiner

expressionist australian painter Australian Artist

Expressionist Australian painter, Edwin Kenjiro Gardiner

Edwin Kenjiro Gardiner - Artist Biography

Edwins Family immigrated to Australia in 1966, from Japan. Ken, Edwins father came to Australia to take a position in the Asian studies faculty (ANU); teaching Korean history, Classical Chinese language and Chinese Philosophy. His mother Nobuko found work at the National Library in the Japanese section.
Since his early twenties Edwin Has had a strong interest in Internal Martial Arts like Tai Chi and Ba Kua, and continues to maintain a practice in Ba Kua Zhang. He also has an interest in Chinese philosophy has expressed in the writings of Lao Tzu, Chung Tzu and I Ching. He attended Canberra University, studying Applied Science hoping to change into Conservation of Cultural Materials degree, but drop out instead to pursue a career in Fine Art.

In 1991, at the age of 23, Edwin began his degree at the Canberra School of Art. In his second year, he traveled with architecture students from Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide on a trip across Australia, from Sydney to Broome. This trip provided a brief overview of much of Australia¹s outback wilderness, including the Stuart and Strzelecki deserts and the Kimberly region. In third year Art school Edwin traveled to the Czech Republic on a student exchange. Studying at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts for seven months. Where he studied under Professor Vladimir Kokolia, who was also interested in Taoism and internal Kung Fu. It was here that Edwin was exposed to the paintings of Michael Ranny who was to influence Edwin art making in later years. Returning to Australia to graduate in Drawing, with dark romantic portraits.

After Art school Edwin moved to Melbourne and continued to make art as well as working to support him self. He has worked as a frame making assistant, life model, and model maker; sculpting master copies of toys. More recently he has worked in furniture manufacturing, assembling heritage cast iron baths. He has had studios in Melbourne CBD, east St Kilda and currently in Clifton Hill.

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