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For me the process of not expressing myself creatively through the use of colour, the mark of the brush and the creation of images and movement on a canvas would leave me feeling dead."
Belinda Eaton

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Belinda Eaton - Artist Information

Belinda Eaton was born in the Sixties, in Mombasa, Kenya. Has lived in Spain, London, New York,
France, Karachi and is currently living and working in Barcelona.

Born in Mombasa, school in Franco’s Spain, college in London, early work in New York, lost in rural France, found in Pakistan, now living and working in Barcelona. Belinda’s nomadic existence has allowed her to always be perceiving life around her with the fresh enthusiastic eyes of the newcomer seeing things for the first time, resulting in the unique perspective of what is “Belinda’s world”. A world of colour, vivid characters, swirling spaces, uncontained energy that can’t be trapped by the limits of the canvas, images constantly on the move, living life, dancing, drinking, and eating.

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