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african born french artist Diako

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"I start many paintings at the same time, then stock them until
one by one the texture on the canvas begins to talk to me."

african born french painter African born French Abstract Artist

abstract painter diako

Diako - Artist Information

Biographical Information

  • Born in Douala (Cemeroon) 1951
  • Moved to Paris, France in 1961
  • Moved to Belgium in 1977
  • Then moved to Chicago, before returning to Belgium, then finally settling in Paris, France again in 1986.

Artist Statement

As a fugitive music in time, my concept of painting is a stroke that evolves from time. A performance of texture on surface, that can be interrupted and reworked.

From the edges when emptiness reaches for space, the artist accompanies it. In working, he empties himself. He steps up to view, withdraws to see. Creation in void saturates fragments and brings back the fragility of the image.

I paint in the horizontal, the painting stands up all alone, it takes its position all alone. I look at it from above, I bypass it. I do not force. I always follow it.

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