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contemporary american artist Robert Chunn

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"I mostly paint clutter. I like how objects cluster together on tabletops, in kitchen drawers, on my printer, etc. I try to take a documentary approach to the subject by painting things as I find them. Or, sometimes, I'll just pile up a bunch of old tins and cigar boxes in a haphazard way until something interesting happens."
Robert Chunn

american painter of still lifes Still Life Painter

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Artist's Statement / Bio
I became serious about making art in the late 1980's, which eventually lead to a BFA degree from the San Francisco Academy of Art. After art school, I got a job painting murals for a commercial art studio in the Bay Area. This was fine at first, but I gradually became frustrated with painting someone else's stuff all the time and feeling too tired to paint my own. I finally left the studio in 1995, swearing that I would never work for a paycheck again. I've been painting full-time ever since.

I see painting as an intuitive and sensorial process of balancing pictorial elements to reveal the poetry of color and form in the everyday objects around me.

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