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Lyle Carbajal Lyle Carbajal

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"One thing I do when it simply doesn't work is tell myself "it is all just under-painting waiting for the good stuff". Since I do prep my pictures quite a bit and I layer sometimes up to four or five times, I can afford an off day."
Lyle Carbajal

American Expressionist Naive Artist American Expressionist Naive Artist

forfeit - naive painting
lavado - naive painting
Man with Black Boots - naive painting
Man with Black Boots
Scar with Black - naive painting
Unititled Painting - naive painting
Unititled Painting - naive painting
Scar with Black
Unititled Painting
Unititled Painting
cat - naive painting
Unititled Painting - naive painting
Scary Monsters - naive painting
Goto in Yellow (cat)
Unititled Painting
Scary Monsters

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