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Lyle Carbajal Lyle Carbajal

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"Tucked into my own pictures are images associated with childhood: comics, monsters, machines, animals and faces."
Lyle Carbajal

American Expressionist Naive Artist American Expressionist Naive Artist

naive artist

Lyle Carbajal - Artist Information

Biographical Information

Although I lack a formal education in painting, a degree in design taught me to see shapes, colors, typography and distinct references. Life’s landscape, on the other hand, taught me about Mexican masks and muralism, functional graphics, vandalism, Haitian flags, folk signage, randomness and urbanism, all which find their way into my work. It is through this extensive knowledge of both popular and primitive cultures that helps in the creation of my pictures.

Artist Statement

There's nothing quite as beautiful as the unintentional. For this reason I've attempted through the use of color, reference, placement, and most importantly, line, to capture, if just a fraction, of the naiveté I see in my daily surroundings. My bright colors and dark, brisk lines reflect moods of small children, brush-in-hand, being told to concentrate and stay within the lines, by those well intentioned grade school teachers who encouraged us all to produce masterpieces. Tucked into my own pictures are images associated with childhood: comics, monsters, machines, animals and faces. My interest in the face is evident in each painting, where the primary visages are wild-eyed and gripped with anger, terror, confusion or pain. Either way, the depictions of extreme emotive states delineate my paintings from those of a child. Both the innocent associations of youth and the horror of maturation are bluntly juxtaposed, and seek not so much to find unity in the passage of life, but to expose its division.

Selected Exhibitions

2005 Group Show - Art Haus/Nashville TN
2005 Group Show - In The Gallery/Nashville TN
2004 Gibson Guitar Town public works project / Nashville TN
2004 Group exhibit -"Miniatures" Mark Woolley Gallery / Portland Oragon
2004 Group exhibit - Raw Arts Festival/London England
2004 Upcoming One Man Show - Tinney Art Dealers/Nashville TN
2003 One Man Show - Cannanball Fine Art/San Anselmo CA
2002 One Man Show - TAG Gallery/Nashville TN
2002 One Man Show - Roshambo Gallery/Healdsburg CA
2002 Group Show - La Luz De Jesus Gallery/Los Angeles CA
2000 One Man Show - IN Art Group/Salt Lake City UT
2000 Work Featured in "Breathing Lessons" full length feature film


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