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American fine artist portfolios american fine artist portfolios

The American artists listed below are professional, working painters based in and selling paintings in the United States of America.

Each portfolio contains a selection of paintings, contact information, artist statement/ biography, and an artist interview.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings on display, please contact the artist directly.

++ Carbajal, Lyle - Naive Artist
american artist Fine artist painting in a naive, raw style.
++ Chunn, Robert - Still Life Painter
American still life painter Profile of the American based still life painter Robert Chunn.
++ De Araujo, Fernando - Expressionist Painter
Brazlian born New York artist Fernando De Araujo. Profile of the Brazlian born New York artist Fernando De Araujo.
++ Featherstone Hoff, Elizabeth - Sculptor
Contemporary American Sculptor Interview, online gallery and biography of an American figurative sculptor.
++ Gingles, Bill- Abstract Artist
american artist Profile of the American artist Bill Gingles.
++ Jacobs, Karen - Abstract Painter
Abstract and Landscape painter Karen Jacobs of America Abstract and Landscape painter Karen Jacobs of America.
++ Jansen, Marcus - Urban Artist
Interview with Marcus Jansen Urban expressionist American painter Marcus Antonius Jansen.
++ Keck, Michel Leah - The Raw Artist
american artist Profile of the American abstract artist known as "the raw artist", Michel Leah Keck.
++ Kostabi, Mark - Contemporary Artist
Popular American artist now living in Italy, on art and Life. Popular American artist now living in Italy.
++ Laurence, Geoffrey - Realist Artist
realist artist Contemporary realist painter from the USA.
++ LeBon-Herb, Patricia - Contemporary Painter
contemporary artist Contemporary fine artist online.
++ Levin, Dana - Classical Realist Painter
Paintings and interview with the classical realist artist Dana Levin. Paintings and interview with the classical realist artist Dana Levin.
++ McCurry, Cyn - Neo-classical Artist
Cyn McCurry Artist Neo-Classical American artist Cyn McCurry opens up on life & art.
++ Moore, Kelly - Expressionist
Self taught expressionist expresses himself with words. Self taught expressionist expresses himself.
++ Pressman, Lisa - Contemporary Artist
contemporary artist American Contemporary artist profile and interview.
++ Rabodzeenko, Andrei - Contemporary Painter
american artist Fine artist working in the United States.
++ Reno, Jesse - Outsider Artist
outsider artist American Outsider artist interview.
++ Sesow, Matt - Self-Taught Painter
Matt Sesow Self-taught expressionist painter from America.
++ Shaffer, Gabriel - Visionary Artist
Gabriel Shaffer Visionary American painter Gabriel Shaffer.







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