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List of Fine Artists
Each month a new artist will be added to the portfolios section of Only professional artists that are commited to making a career as an artist are added.
Each portfolio contains a selection of images, contact information, artist statement/ biography, and an artist interview.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the paintings on display, please contact the artist directly.
See also: Contemporary Artists by Date Published.

List of Contemporary Artists

  • Dion Archibald
    Australian figurative painter with expressionist leanings.
  • Pablo Avendano
    Spanish painter of objects in abstract environments.
  • Lyle Carbajal
    American painter of beautiful brutal paintings. Love his work!
  • Robert Chunn
    American contemporary artist creating expressive still life paintings.
  • Fernando Araujo
    Brazilian born American painter of expressive landscape paintings.
  • Diako
    Cameroon born French painter of mostly abstract works.
  • Hazel Dooney
    Australian contemporary figurative painter.
  • Belinda Eaton
    Kenyan born British painter of portraits.
  • Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff
    American sculptor of expressive portraits and figures.
  • Edwin Gardiner
    Australian artist of interior, still life and landscape paintings.
  • Robert Genn
    Canadian colorist and landscape painter. Robert has since passed away in 2014.
  • Bill Gingles
    American abstract painter who enjoys playing with paint.
  • Hilda Hiary
    Jordanian abstract painter of bold works referencing the landscape.
  • Karen Jacobs
    American painter who moves effortlessly between the landscape and abstraction.
  • Marcus Jansen
    American painter of cityscapes and the urban environment.
  • Nick Japaridze
    Georgian artist of realist symbolic works.
  • Michel Leah Keck
    American expressionist painter of both abstract and figurative works.
  • Olga Konoschuk
    Ukrainian painter of bold landscapes and cityscape works.
  • Mark Kostabi
    American contemporary artist revealing modern life and society.
  • Maya Kulenovic
    Canadian based painting of dark and beautiful portraits and landscapes.
  • David Ladmore
    English born Canadian painter of landscapes and seascapes.
  • Geoffrey Laurence
    American painter of beautiful nudes, portraits and still life paintings and drawings.
  • Patricia LeBon-Herb
    American artist painting landscapes, portraits and daily life in America.
  • Dana Levin
    American realist painter using traditional techniques to paint portraits and still life works.
  • Caroline Magerl
    Australian illustrator and painter of wonderfully expressive figurative works.
  • Karen Jacobs
    American painter who moves effortlessly between the landscape and abstraction.
  • Cyn McCurry
    American painter of atmospheric realist works of a biographical nature.
  • Kelly Moore
    American self taught expressionist painter capturing life in a raw and brutal manner.
  • Philip Mount
    British artist capturing the energy and movement of life in the city.
  • Leith O'Malley
    Australian painter and illustrator with a love of music.
  • Emily Patrick
    British painter of intimate interiors, window views, and still life paintings.
  • Vanessa Pooley
    British sculptor of stylized bronze female nudes.
  • Lisa Pressman
    American painter of both abstraction and figurative works.
  • Andrei Rabodzeenko
    Russian born American painter of wonderfully quirky works.
  • Jesse Reno
    American outsider artist of people, animals and symbols.
  • Gizem Saka
    Turkish artist paintings colorful women and everyday life.
  • Matt Sesow
    American expressionist painter of life in all its forms.
  • Gabriel Shaffer
    American expressive visionary painter of both the real and magical.
  • Moin Shah
    Pakistani expressionist painter of the figure.
  • Alberto Sughi
    Italian figurative painter. Unfortunately Alberto passed away in 2012.
  • Mark Threadgold
    Australian artist looking at modern life through painting.
  • Chris Wake
    Australian painter of quirky nudes and social gatherings.
  • Anthony White
    Australian conceptual artist known for his money series.
  • Mario Zampedroni
    Italian expressionist painter of florals, landscapes and life in Italy.


  • Being Listed
    I abandoned the website for quite some time so there hasn't been a new artist added for 7 or 8 years!!
    BUT, I have started working on the site again, so feel free to send me your website address showing me some of your work and I might get back to you to be profiled soon.
    Ps.. don't be offended if I don't get back to you. I choose artists subjectively, I'm only human, so it doesn't mean your work is good or bad if I do or don't get back to you.. but you should know that already if you have been painting for a few years now ;-)

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