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art quotes by Anish Kapoor Anish Kapoor Quotes and Comments

Inspirational Art Quotes by the famous Indian born British Sculptor Anish Kapoor
born Anish Kapoor - Mumbai, India - 1954 / Lives - London, United Kingdom
Popular Anish Kapoor sculptures include "Taratantara", "Marsyas", "Sky Mirror", and "Cloud Gate".
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"Anish Kapoor Quotes"

+ Work grows out of other work, and there are very few eureka moments.

+ What one does in the studio is to pose a series of problems to oneself. I've got to look for some deeper meaning, for some reason for this thing to be in the world. There's enough stuff in the world.

+ I feel this is an immense gift. And one does afford oneself in a certain way the luxury to be able to come into the studio and all day, every day, spend one's life making aesthetic propositions. And what an immense luxury, and one that I hope I will carry on doing. (Anish Kapoor talking about being an artist)

+ We live in a fractured world. I've always seen it as my role as an artist to attempt to make wholeness.

+ Being an artist is a very very long game. It is not a ten-year game. I hope I'll be around making art when I'm eighty, and I think the idea that, that somehow one has done what one has to do and therefore you can kind of steadily carry on.. well it's not something I recognise. I feel there's everything to do yet.

+ There is something about opening one's heart to the possibilities that one doesn't even truly or readily know are there.

+ The work itself has a complete circle of meaning and counterpoint. And without your involvement as a viewer, there is no story.

+ Do you know, much of the work that I've made over many years now proposes the idea that for every form there is a kind, there is a kind of counterpoint in non-form. One of the things that I see myself battling with now is not the non-form, because in a way I feel I've done some of that, but the form. So what happens when there's form and no non-form? Where can I go with that?

Anish Kapoor Quotations

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