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famous printmaking quotations
Printmaker Quotes by famous artists using techniques which include etching, woodcuts, engraving, lithography, screenprinting, monoprints and digital printing worldwide.
Browse printmakers listed alphabetically below.

List of Printmakers

  • Banksy Quotes (unknown)
    British graffiti artist a social activist blurring the lines between street art and fine art.
  • Max Beckmann Quotes (1884-1950)
    German expressionist painter and printmaker known for his bold, sometimes violent figurative works, associated with the New Objectivity movement.
  • William Blake Quotes (1757-1827)
    British visionary painter, printmaker and poet dealing with themes of life and things of a spiritual nature.
  • Pierre Bonnard Quotes (1867-1947)
    French Post-Impressionist painter and printmaker of domestic scenes and portraits.
  • Bernard Buffet Quotes (1928-1999)
    Expressive French figurative painter and printmaker of a wide range of subjects.
  • Jim Dine Quotes (1935-)
    American painter, sculptor and printmaker using pop motifs but also looking inward.
  • Otto Dix Quotes (1891-1969)
    Expressive German painter and printmaker depicting Weimar Germany and war time life.
  • Ken Done Quotes (1940-)
    Australian artist and designer known for his bold, colorful depictions of Sydney, coral reefs, and the beach.
  • M.C. Escher Quotes (1898-1972)
    Dutch illustrator and printmaker known for his impossible realities and designs using repetitive patterns.
  • Lucian Freud Quotes + Paintings (1922-2011)
    German born British painter and printmaker known for his nudes and portraits.
  • Gilbert & George Quotes (1943-) & (1942-)
    British artists Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore working together as a collaboration.
  • Francisco Goya Quotes (1746-1828)
    Spanish painter and printmaker known for his dark and confronting images.
  • Damien Hirst Quotes + Artworks (1965-)
    British artist associated with the YBAs or Young British Artists group, known for his shark in formaldehyde and spot paintings.
  • David Hockney Quotes (1937-)
    British painter and photographer known for his sun filled California works, portraits of friends, and bold landscapes.
  • Winslow Homer Quotes (1836-1910)
    American painter and printmaker known for his landscapes and scenes of early American life.


  • Edward Hopper Quotes (1882-1967)
    American painter and printmaker known for his realist scenes of American life.
  • Jasper Johns Quotes (1930-)
    American Painter and printmaker known for his Pop inspired works like the American flag paintings and targets.
  • Thomas Kinkade Quotes (1969-2012)
    American artist known for his mass produced prints of romanticized landscapes and patriotic images.
  • Paul Klee Quotes (1879-1940)
    Swiss painter, printmaker, and colorist who relied on lines and colors to convey his message.
  • Michael Leunig Quotes (1945-)
    Australian cartoonist and thinker who is not afraid to say the things that need to be said to an insane world.
  • Roy Lichtenstein Quotes (1923-1997)
    American painter and sculptor famous for his Pop Art work inspired by comic books.
  • Giorgio Morandi Quotes (1890-1964)
    Italian painter and printmaker known for his intimate still life paintings using a limited palette.
  • Robert Motherwell Quotes (1915-1991)
    American painter and printmaker of abstraction, associated with the New York School artists.
  • Edvard Munch Quotes (1863-1994)
    Norwegian painter and printmaker best known for his multiple versions of the Scream painting.
  • Albert Oehlen Quotes (1954-)
    German painter working in a variety of styles and mediums, from figurative through to abstraction.
  • John Olsen Quotes (1928-)
    American painter and printmaker famous for his portrayal of the Australian landscape and life in Australia.
  • Pablo Picasso Quotes + Paintings + Bio (1881-1973)
    Spanish painter, ceramicist, sculptor and printmaker known for his prodigious output and influence on the 20th century.
  • Robert Rauschenberg Quotes (1925-2008)
    American painter, printmaker, and assemblage artist known for his combine paintings.
  • Rembrandt Quotes + Paintings (1606-1669)
    Dutch painter and printmaker known for his revealing self portraits and scenes which included history, religion and everyday life.
  • Paula Rego Quotes (1935-)
    Portuguese English painter and printmaker known for her figurative work which deal with a variety of social issues.
  • James Rosenquist Quotes (1933-)
    American painter and printmaker associated with the Pop Art movement known for his large billboard like paintings and murals.
  • David Salle Quotes (1952-)
    American painter and printmaker known for his works where images are placed beside and/or overlapping one another.
  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Quotes (1864-1901)
    French painter and printmaker known for his Moulin Rouge prints and paintings of prostitutes and the nightlife of Montmartre, Paris.
  • Andy Warhol Quotes + Paintings + Bio (1928-1987)
    American painter, illustrator, printmaker and film maker who was central to the Pop Art movement.
  • Brett Whiteley Quotes + Paintings + Bio (1939-1992)
    Australian painter, printmaker, and sculptor known for his images of Sydney, interiors, portraits and nudes.
  • Fred Williams Quotes + Paintings + Bio (1927-1982)
    Australian painter and printmaker famous for his painterly depictions of the Australian landscape.

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