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N Artist Quotes

  • Alice Neel Quotes (1900-1984)
    American painter known for her portraiture and nudes.
  • Helmut Newton Quotes (1920-2004)
    German born photographer known for his fashion photography, celebrities, and nudes.
  • Isamu Noguchi Quotes (1904-1988)
    Japanese American sculptor, ceramicist and designer known for his biomorphic artwork.


  • "You should keep on painting no matter how difficult it is, because this is all part of experience, and the more experience you have, the better it is.. unless it kills you, and then you know you have gone too far."
    Alice Neel
  • "I just had a bellyful and realized I had shot enough nudes to last a lifetime. In fact, although I have no idea of the number, I think I photographed too many naked women."
    Helmut Newton
  • "The attractions of ceramics lie partly in its contradictions. It is both difficult and easy, with an element beyond our control. It is both extremely fragile and durable. Like 'Sumi' ink painting, it does not lend itself to erasures and indecision. The best is that which is most spontaneous or seemingly so. I have found it a natural medium to work with in Japan, but not so in America. I associate it with the closeness of earth and wood which is for me Japan and not America today."
    Isamu Noguchi
  • "Whether I'm painting or not, I have this overweening interest in humanity. Even if I'm not working, I'm still analyzing people."
    Alice Neel
  • "The point of my photography has always been to challenge myself, to go a little further than my Germanic discipline and Teutonic nature would traditionally permit me to."
    Helmut Newton
  • "The essence of sculpture is for me the perception of space, the continuum of our existence."
    Isamu Noguchi

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