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G Artist Quotes

  • Antoni Gaudi Quotes (1852-1926)
    Spanish Catalan architect of organic and distinctive buildings including the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.
  • Paul Gauguin Quotes (1848-1903)
    Post-Impressionist French painter known for his bold figurative works including his Tahiti series.
  • Anne Geddes Quotes (1956-)
    Australian born photographer famous for her cute baby photographs.
  • Frank Gehry Quotes (1929-)
    Canadian born American architect and designer known for his curved buildings.
  • Alberto Giacometti Quotes (1901-1966)
    Swiss painter and sculptor know for his tall, thin sculptures of people and his multi layered paintings.
  • H.R. Giger Quotes (1940-2014)
    Swiss illustrator, designer and sculptor of surreal, alien-like figures and settings.
  • Gilbert & George Quotes (1943-) & (1942-)
    British artists Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore working together as a collaboration.
  • Antony Gormley Quotes (1950-)
    British sculptor working with the figure and how it relates to its environment.
  • Francisco Goya Quotes (1746-1828)
    Spanish painter and printmaker known for his dark and confronting images.
  • Clement Greenberg Quotes (1909-1994)
    American art critic and essayist who did much to promote the Abstract Expressionists.
  • Matt Groening Quotes (1954-)
    American cartoonist and creator of the wildly popular Simpsons cartoon series.
  • George Grosz Quotes (1893-1959)
    German painter of life during the Weimar Republic period in Germany.
  • Philip Guston Quotes (1913-1980)
    Canadian born American painter who successfully moved between figurative and abstract art.


  • "Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic."
    Antoni Gaudi
  • "A time will come when people will think I am a myth, or rather something the newspapers have made up."
    Paul Gauguin
  • "I have a deep respect and love for these tiny humans, and I hope to convey in my images a measure of the beauty that exists in all children."
    Anne Geddes
  • "I am obsessed with architecture. It is true, I am restless, trying to find myself as an architect, and how best to contribute in this world filled with contradiction, disparity, and inequality, even passion and opportunity."
    Frank Gehry
  • "Basically, I no longer work for anything but the sensation I have while working."
    Alberto Giacometti
  • "If people want to interpret my work as warnings about too much overpopulation, disease and mechanization in the future, then that is up to them."
    H.R. Giger
  • "We don't have anything to say except with our pictures."
    Gilbert and George
  • "Making beautiful things for everyday use is a wonderful thing to do.. making life flow more easily.. but art confronts life, allowing it to stop and perhaps change direction.. they are completely different."
    Antony Gormley
  • "Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels."
    Francisco Goya
  • "You do most of your talking about the works and try to say why you think Every artist is a law to himself. There's no method."
    Clement Greenberg
  • "I love the idea that we put in jokes the kids don't get. And that later, when they grow up and read a few books and go to college and watch the show again, they can get it on a completely different level."
    Matt Groening
  • "My aim is to be understood by everyone. I reject the 'depth' that people demand nowadays, into which you can never descend without a diving bell crammed with cabbalistic bullshit and intellectual metaphysics. This expressionistic anarchy has got to stop.. A day will come when the artist will no longer be this bohemian, puffed-up anarchist but a healthy man working in clarity within a collectivist society."
    George Grosz
  • "There's some mysterious process at work here, which I don't even want to understand."
    Philip Guston

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