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famous critic quotations
Art criticism Quotes by famous authors of art criticism, art history, and published works about visual arts worldwide.
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List of Art Critics

  • Sister Wendy Beckett Quotes (1930-)
    South African born English art historian raised in Scotland, known for her television series on art.
  • Clement Greenberg Quotes (1909-1994)
    American art critic and essayist who did much to promote the Abstract Expressionists.
  • Robert Hughes Quotes (1938-2012)
    Australian art critic and documentary maker who created the wildly successful 'The Shock of the New' series.
  • Donald Kuspit Quotes (1935-)
    American art critic and poet widely published and influential.


  • "My struggle is to put this into words. People who go to the museum are not asked, lucky them, to hold forth about these works. My struggle has been to let them know there is something there to respond to and for them to respond to."
    Sister Wendy Beckett
  • "You do most of your talking about the works and try to say why you think Every artist is a law to himself. There's no method."
    Clement Greenberg
  • "Art prices are determined by the meeting of real or induced scarcity with pure, irrational desire, and nothing is more manipulable than desire."
    Robert Hughes
  • "Perversion was implicit in modern art from the beginning, and remains a vital factor in it today. In fact, one can regard modern art as by and large the history of the representation of perversion."
    Donald Kuspit

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  • "I am risking my life for my work, and half my reason has gone."
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