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art quotes by Donald Kuspit Donald Kuspit Quotes and Comments

Inspirational Art Quotes by the American art critic Donald Kuspit
born Donald Kuspit - United States of America / Lives USA
Popular Donald Kuspit publications include "The End of Art", "April Gornik" & "Redeeming Art: Critical Reveries"
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"Donald Kuspit Quotes"

+ Art doesn’t save souls, but the best of it does have a cathartic effect, as Aristotle said, that is, makes us conscious of unconscious fantasy by way of a complex process of symbolization and identification.

+ Perversion was implicit in modern art from the beginning, and remains a vital factor in it today. In fact, one can regard modern art as by and large the history of the representation of perversion.

+ Modigliani had too much respect for the feelings of human beings to turn them into grotesque, hostile monsters, as Picasso did. It is also the reason Modigliani’s figures are never menacing and confrontational, but seem to recede into the private space of their inner selves.

+ In attempting to establish certain art as more legitimate and necessary than other art, history writing implicitly privileges some art as more creative and ideologically correct than other art, however much writing history itself may be a creative interpretive and as such artistic act, and also an ideological act.

+ Van Gogh, among others, believed in the religion of art, which, whatever else it involved, made it clear that art is more than the sum of its material characteristics and not simply a reflection of everyday life.

+ Children’s art and the art of the insane.. so-called ”outsider art” in general.. has outlived its usefulness as a model. The New Old Masters have turned to more mature, sane art for a model, both emotionally and aesthetically.

+ Crotch shots and sexual farces are a dime a dozen in our society, for the crotch has been devalued, along with sexuality, which has become the most marketable and cheapest commodity around.

+ There may be a history of modern art and a history of traditional art, but there can be no history of postmodern art, for the radically contemporary can never be delimited by any single historical reading.

Donald Kuspit Quotations

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