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A Artist Quotes

  • Scott Adams Quotes (1957-)
    American cartoonist famous for his Dilbert comic strip which looks at life in the office.
  • Josef Albers Quotes + Paintings (1888-1976)
    German born abstract artist and teacher known for his homage to the square paintings.
  • Arman Quotes (1928-2005)
    French artist born Armand Fernandez, known for his works which group regular items together.
  • Jean Arp Quotes (1886-1966)
    German/French artist known for his whimsical paintings and sculptures, also known as Hans Arp.
  • Frank Auerbach Quotes (1931-)
    German born British artist known for his expressively painted impasto works and charcoal drawings.
  • Richard Avedon Quotes (1923-2004)
    American photographer known for his celebrity portraits and work in the fashion industry.


  • "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.."
    Scott Adams
  • " I do not like to be a prophet. I like better to paint than to predict what the next painters will do. Though I have a feeling that consideration of order is very much in the air."
    Josef Albers
  • " I have always been very much involved in the pseudo biological cycle of production, consumption and destruction. And for a long time, I have been anguished by the fact that one of its most conspicuous material results is the flooding of our world with junk and rejected odd objects."
  • "Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant, or a child in its mother's womb."
    Jean Arp
  • "In addition to the artistic influences, I am influenced by my current private life, my feelings about it and my energy level and state of health."
    Frank Auerbach
  • "If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up."
    Richard Avedon

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  • "I am risking my life for my work, and half my reason has gone."
    Vincent van Gogh