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Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers
New paintings, links, and quotes have been added to the Vincent van Gogh pages.
arts news - visual arts reviews art quotes Art News - April May 2004

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, June 4
::: Feature Article :::
+A bastion against cultural obscenity
The Guardian Arts - UK
In a speech delivered at Burlington House last night, the critic Robert Hughes calls for a revitalised Royal Academy to defend art against the degrading power of the wealthy collectors

+Sheikh Saud’s London spending spree
The Art Newspaper - UK
A team of London agents working for the Sheikh bought 350 of the top lots in last months’ Islamic sales, spending well in excess of £15 million. The objects are all destined for the Museum of Islamic Art under construction in Doha to the designs of I.M. Pei, the Chinese-American architect coaxed out of retirement by Sheikh Saud.
+Art blaze blamed on nearby break-in
The Guardian Arts - UK
The fire which ripped through Momart's east London art-storage warehouse last week destroyed all but two of the works housed in it.
Momart said the fire began after a burglary at another building on the same industrial estate.
+Sorry About the Dead Cow...
Reuters - London
British artist Damien Hirst, who uses dead animals in his work, promised to apologize for a "mix-up" Thursday, after a rotting cow was left outside his studio over a long holiday weekend.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Biennale of Sydney 2004 Opens Today
Biennale of Sydney 2004 will showcase work by leading international artists which will challenge audiences to think and feel. On Reason and Emotion is Curator Isabel Carlos’ theme for Sydney’s 14th Biennale.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, May 28
::: Feature Article :::
+Art world reels as losses mount
Sydney Morning Herald - Australia
The fire that consumed the Momart warehouse in east London is likely to have destroyed a vast swathe of British art spanning the past half century, including more than 50 major works by the great abstract painter Patrick Heron.

+A new international role for the Whitney
The Art Newspaper - UK
When he took over as director of the Whitney Museum of American Art last November, Adam Weinberg vowed to revamp the administrative and curatorial structure of the museum. In recent weeks he has appointed his senior team and is now unveiling his strategy to carve a new international role for the institution.
+Thinking of buying art online? Maybe don't.
Circa Art Magazine - Ireland
Seems there's no end of gullible art buyers out there in online-auction land. A Dutchman was duped out of US$135,805, buying a fake Richard Diebenkorn through auction heavy-weight eBay back in 2000. And yesterday a Californian man received the very first conviction for online art fraud and was sentenced to almost four years in prison.
+Phoenix Art Museum receives $3 million gift
The Arizona Republic- USA
The Phoenix Art Museum has received a $3 million gift, its largest ever, to build a sculpture court and support education programs. The gift, from the Dorrance Family Foundation, comes amid a $33.2 million capital and endowment campaign by the museum.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+The Islander: Elements in art
The Islander - USA
Natural Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water is an exhibit featuring 32 works by local artists at the new Rookery Bay Learning Center, 300 Tower Road. The center is next to the Comcast building off State Road 951 in East Naples.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, May 21
::: Feature Article :::
+Catalans fight for custody of Dalí's Great Masturbator
The Guardian Arts - UK
It may seem an unlikely symbol of national pride, but The Great Masturbator, a painting by the eccentric Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí, was at the centre of a tug-of-war between Catalan separatists and a Madrid museum yesterday.

+Scheme loan will make art affordable
icWales - UK
MORE people will be able to buy art and crafts on interest-free credit in Wales.
Culture Minister Alun Pugh has revealed that the Collectorplan loan scheme is to be boosted to more than £1m annually after securing a £500,000 loan from the Principality Building Society.
+Beauty gets its own political party in Italy
The Art Newspaper - UK
“Aesthetics first, ethics second” is the slogan of Italy’s new political party, the Party of Beauty, founded in April by former Under Secretary of State for the ministry of culture, Vittorio Sgarbi.
+DNA twist in battle for £285m art estate
The Guardian Arts - UK
Tests support Italian family's claim that art connoisseur Sir Harold Acton had illegitimate half-sister

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+"Mixed Pickles" offers true taste of art
Xinhuanet - China
BEIJING, - When German artist Robert Haas decided on the title "Mixed Pickles" for their joint exhibition, the two Chinese artists participating in the show were amused but actually didn't see how the title had any connection to their show of oil paintings.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, May 7
::: Feature Article :::
+The world's most expensive piece of art ... a £58m Picasso painting
The Guardian Arts - UK
A masterpiece by Pablo Picasso, painted in 1905 when he was just 24 years old, last night became the most expensive piece of art ever sold when it went under the hammer at Sotheby's in New York for $104m (£58m).

+Picasso Still Going Strong as First Auction Week Ends
New York Times - USA (free registration required)
Picasso certainly is the flavor of the week," said Nancy Whyte, a private dealer, as the gavel fell on the final lot of Sotheby's sale of Impressionist and modern art last night.
+Revealed: secret battle 'anarchist' Picasso lost to become French
The Guardian Arts - UK
French police kept Pablo Picasso under surveillance for nearly 40 years - and when the Spanish-born painter applied for citizenship the authorities could not decide whether he was an anarchist or a communist so they ruled him undesirable just in case.
+A Record Picasso And the Hype Price Of Status Objects - USA
As almost everyone has heard by now, a 1905 Picasso called "Boy With a Pipe" sold Wednesday night for a record-breaking $104.2 million, topping the $82.5 million paid for a van Gogh in 1990. (Though in inflation-corrected dollars, the van Gogh still wins out by several million. And in inflation-corrected ducats, Renaissance tapestries might still count as the most expensive pictures ever: They could cost more than a major battleship.)

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Picasso album from 1970 on display for first time - USA
NEW YORK -- From simple pen and ink drawings of nude women to a colorful and elaborate felt pen and ink drawing of two men ogling a nude woman, a sketchbook that was filled in a week reveals the obsessive nature of a mature Pablo Picasso at work.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, April 16
::: Feature Article :::
+Palace stops sale of Queen's sketch for first corgi
The Guardian Arts - UK
Buckingham Palace stepped in yesterday to prevent a Shropshire auctioneer selling one of the Queen's more unusual autographs - a sketch drawn more than 45 years ago of a gravestone inscription for her first corgi.

+Healing the world with art - UK
David Khalili is a billionaire collector on an epic scale. In a rare interview, he tells Martin Gayford that he hopes his unique pieces can bring people together.
+Artists recycle trash into art for Earth Day celebration
The Digital Collegian - USA
Local artists have given old objects new lives and a fresh dose of meaning for the 10th Annual Recycled Art Show at the Art Alliance, 818 Pike St., Lemont.
+The art of pricing
CS Monitor - USA
LOS ANGELES – Artist Candice Gawne says she and her husband recently sat down at the kitchen table to get back to basics: How much should she be asking for her delicate glass and neon sculptures?

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Art exhibit aims to celebrate gifts of God's creation
The Islander - USA
The disciples of Jesus Christ included Matthew, John, Simon Peter and Thomas. But in the eyes of Charlotte Finnegan, a disciple of Jesus can be a clown with a red nose and floppy shoes who makes children laugh.

art news for visual artists Art News - Friday, April 2
::: Feature Article :::
+Emin patches up school quilt row
The Guardian Arts - UK
The artist Tracey Emin is breaking with tradition by attempting to resolve, rather than make, controversy. After demanding the return of an artwork she made with a group of eight-year-old pupils, Ms Emin has now told the school it can keep it - and has offered to pay the cost of a frame.

+Are the culture wars over?
The art Newspaper- UK
President Bush has proposed funding increases for several US federal arts programmes. Although these increases are relatively modest and they are subject to the approval of Congress, the proposals are in themselves significant, signalling the end of the culture wars of the early 1990s, when Congress threatened to abolish the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for funding works of art that conservatives deemed objectionable to taxpayers
+From 'Pong' to high art
AZCentral - USA
Three decades after "Pong" ricocheted into popular culture, video games are bouncing into the rarefied world of fine art.
+Unveiling a new work of art
Baltimore Sun - USA
Abstract paintings line the newly polished floors of the gallery like players waiting for an assignment from their coach. At the moment, however, she has a lot on her mind.

::: Exhibition - Review :::
+Face of a thousand generations wins Archibald
SMH - Australia
Craig Ruddy's hands told an eloquent story of their own as he was announced as the winner of the 2004 Archibald Prize yesterday.

White-knuckled and tense, they wrestled with each other as he got up to make his speech. Clasped together tightly afterwards, they formed a fragile chest-level barrier against the crush.


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