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About Art Quotes

ArtQuotes.net started way back in 2003, which in Internet years must make us about 100 years old or something close ;-)

I started it because I loved collecting quotes. Whenever I was reading a book I was always writing down quotes of interest to me. I had notebooks filled with quotations by all sorts of weird and wonderful people so I decided to do something with them online. I tried registering the artquotes dot com domain but it was already taken so I settled with the dot net version. Later I tried buying the dot com version but the owners wanted a few thousand dollars for it so I'm still settling with the dot net domain.

For quite a few years I was profiling artists, continually adding more art quotes, and receiving thousands of visitors every single day! I learned a lot, met some interesting people, and more than paid for all the art supplies and good quality wine I could use and consume. But over time I started to lose interest in the website and neglected it more and more with each new year. Visitors started to vanish and I can barely buy a coffee each week with the money the site earns.

Until now, 2015, I was looking through the site with the intention of closing the web hosting account and letting the artquotes dot net domain name expire. But looking through the quotations and all the old artist interviews brought back a lot of good memories for me. A couple of the artists had passed away since interviewing them, a few have become more famous, some might have even stopped creating art. It didn't feel right to just let this archive vanish from the Internet. So, I plan to keep ArtQuotes.net alive and to start working on it again. I have started by making it a mobile responsive design so that it can be viewed on mobile phones and tablets as that's where a lot of people are now accessing the web. Once I have finished updating the design I'll start adding new artists profiles. The last one I added was way back in November 2007!

About Me

self portrait painting

My name is Dion Archibald, I'm a painter, and I live in Australia. I'm a bit of a wanderer, I'm an ideas guy, I don't stick to the plan and finish the job, I don't like authority, I'm not capable of doing 9 to 5 jobs, I think the people who run this world are absolutely mad, I dislike exhibition openings, I love art, love learning, love to cook, and love nature.

I have a very neglected Artist Website here with some of my older paintings online and I also have a Collection of Recipes here on my recipes blog, which is probably updated monthly so it isn't quite as neglected as my other websites (one has to eat!).


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  • "The act of painting is about one heart telling another heart where he found salvation."